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March 30th, 2009


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March 29th, 2009


Just before the trip to France got a chance to do a short spiderman story written by Roger Langrige... I'd forgotten how much I liked reading those stan lee- steve ditko stories as a kid but doing some reading and research for the story really brought back memories of Mysterio, the Vulture and that whole sick crew...

Both Roger and Me wanted to do a homage to Ditko I think, plus that feel and look of old comics so I got some advice from Matt Hollingsworth on how to get that half tone effect on photoshop (filter-pixellate-color halftone)plus that yellowed paper look (scan, rubber stamp, use as multiply layer)...

The whole thing was a wee bit rushed but I hope it turned out ok. Does everything a spider can! :p


March 28th, 2009

Videos and Wonderland


The Wonderland trade is out, Amazon link here... there was a nice review in Publisher's Weekly... The colours... well didn't turn out the same way they did in the original series, but  I guess that's a issue for another time...

Meanwhile a couple of videos!

Bao put this together for Malinky Robot:

And Parry Shen put this together for the Secret Identities Anthology :)

The making of video here :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mnHjcqZF4E&fmt=18

Bandes Dessinees

Back in Singaporeland after a 2 and half week trip to France and Belgium to promote the new french edition of Malinky Robot published by Bao.

Our first stop was the BD Fugue comics store/cafe in Annecy...

Met up with fellow Flight artist Nicolas Bannister there (he happens to live in Annecy), and BD Fugue itself was a really cool store which kinda gave a sense of how differently the comics medium is treated in France. Here in Singapore big stores like Kinokuniya aside you just don't see comic stores like this, with a good balance of all sorts of comics - mostly they're just stocked full of mainstream superhero stuff, and the only one that kinda bucked the trend (Atomix Comix at Orchard MRT shut down bout a year ago).

Anyhow it was exciting to see that Matt Groening and Gilbert Shelton has been there too! :p

My dad was with me on the trip, partly to see Geneva, but mostly to make sure I didn't fall over too much given my dodgy achilles tendon. The cold weather and Too Much Comics seemed to take a toll though, with increasing frazzledness as the week went on, but it was good to see him chipper again when he headed home after a week :)

Before that though we went to Alberville to see lots of mountains and snow. In the pics above there's Bao editor Jean-Paul Moulin, plus two very excellent artists also on the book promo shindig, Chaiko from Shanghai and Tony Sandoval from Mexico...

I lugged back home lots of comics (wait 'bandes dessinees' i mean) i couldn't read back home, and i think my favourite French creators remain Nicolas DeCrecy and Manu Larcenet, whose "Ordinary Victories" was very excellent indeed...

Other places we did signings at was the Apoklyps in Paris, the Brusels Libairie Galerie in Brussels and the Salon De Livre, where i ran into Obelix and Dogmatix! :p

All that book signing left everyone kinda tired by the end of the Salon de Livre, but one highlight of the trip was a chance to go visit Borge's grave in Geneva...

A Bunch of Dedicacees above, and some sketches below...

More pics at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=115702

March 16th, 2009

malinky robot video :p

Well kinda sorta anyhow... Bao books made this promo thing for the salon de livre and assorted websites :p


Its been an educational trip so far, learning bout the comics industry here in france, and finding out exactly how much cheese they eat over here :p

February 22nd, 2009

Shooting a Monkey

There's been a lot of controversey over the  New York Post cartoon showing two cops shooting  a chimp.

Those defending the cartoon seem to have this to say:  (a) the cartoonist didn't mean it, (b) "I" didn't see the connection  (c) anyway its just a cartoon  (d)  Al Sharpton is a total tool and/or (e) whats wrong with showing Obama as a dead chimp anyway?

1. The problem with (a) and (b) is that  whilst its true that  interpretations of any cartoon are  always somewhat subjective, and authorial intention can differ from  what the reader gets, we would expect anyone peddling in visual communication (as the cartoonist and editors are) to be aware of a  link as salient as this one (obama= monkey killed by violent means), despite what these folks have to say.

Linking imagery from two current events is a common enough gambit for cartoonists, but failure to think through the implications feels very sloppy ; its what they do for a living - you wouldn't go round excusing a bomb expert who accidentally negligently blows something up by saying " i might have cut that red wire myself too" :p

2. Political cartoon and satires have been a powerful tool in communication for ages, dismissing something as 'just a cartoon' doesn't really work - its the reason why politicians in Singapore have never allowed negative political cartoons of government figures in the media. The use of cartoons during the Reformation also tells its own story :)

3.  If [insert name of someone you dislike] spoke out against child abuse, it would still be relevant; so Al Sharpton or not the  criticism still stands, contrary to the New York Post's attack on 'opportunists'...

4. (e)  enters into trickier waters.. George Bush was depicted as a monkey often enough, so what makes Obama off limits? Racism is of course the key issue here - similar to  issues were raised by Spain's Beijing-bound basketball team, or any use of the word  "Golliwog". I guess it usually boils down to how sensitive you are these things; in this case though its more about the issue raised earlier: that the cartoonist and New York Post editors should (in professional terms) have been aware of the connotations.

If they weren't, a less defensive apology would have been nice, and if they were, well, they're probably in the right kind of hot soup now....

February 5th, 2009

A French edition of the collected Malinky Robot stories will be release in March...  the publishers (Bao imprint from Paquet books) have also been kind enough to arrange for a trip to promote the book, which should cover several cities, including the "le salon du livre" from March 13-18 abd another convention in Grenoble ... more details soon, maybe :p Some stuff in french here...

 Meanwhile also out in March is the Secret Identities anthology, featuring(mostly)  Asian American creators, exploring Asian American identity via superhero stories. I did a story with Gene Yang ( "American Born Chinese" ), also featured is Dustin Nguyen and many more....

January 29th, 2009

Wonderland HC Trade


Haven't got a copy yet, but they had the Wonderland HC trade on display at the Disney Hyperion booth at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference recently, and Tommy sent me some pics of it .... :p

In less fun news, ruptured my right achilles tendon last week, so its going to be crutches and rehab (and no footie) for the next 6 months or so :p (the foots not as mangled as it looks - that's just the backslab :p)

Meabwhile some paintings and original comic book art up at the J Cafe at the  MICA Building ,140 Hill Street, #01-01, S(179369) here in Singapore until Feb 18th :)

opening hours:

11.30am - 4.30pm
6.30pm - 10.30pm

contact: 6337 7009

Thanks to Kelvin from Asian Art News for the hookup, and J Cafe for putting up the show :)   For more info goto : Singapore Art Tours

January 22nd, 2009

Pride and Prejudice Cover


Did a cover for Marvel's Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice... the magazine approach was totally editorial's idea, i just tagged along :p out in this months previews i think... the adaptation is wriiten by  Nancy Butler and interior art by Hugo Petras  Petrus  :)


December 27th, 2008

Singapore Comics on Xmas Day

The Straits Times ran a bunch of comic strips by local creators in the xmas issue of Life, here's the one i did:

FSc, Troy Chin and Otto Fong also contributed  theirs:


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